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Mechanical packing machine, UMT-600M
  • Mechanical packing machine, UMT-600M

Mechanical packing machine, UMT-600M

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Cars of the UMT series are intended for packaging in film thermoshrinkable materials (polyethylene, polyamide, the PET-cloth, the semi-sleeve) of different products, namely: in the consumer pack (products of the food industry); any empty container (bottles, banks, boxes, etc.); products which are not demanding preliminary packaging (the parquet, the tile, mineral wool, wooden and metal designs) in the uniform (group) package. All cars are supplied with the thermoseating camera of end-to-end type. Moving of the package to the camera is performed by the net conveyor with the electric drive. At the request of the customer the electric drive is completed with the variator. All packing machines are completed with the welding element with permanent heating.

Two-rolled, with the manual set of the package, the mechanical reversing and giving of the package in the heat chamber.

The main nodes (assembly units) of the car are:

• Device of forming of the package (shaper)
• Packaging device (packer)
Control panel

In the shaper also forming of blocks of products, adjustment of their sizes is recruited.
In the packaging node it is performed: cutting, svarivany films and its portion otmatyvaniye, the package reversing in the film, and also shrinkage of the film, and at the exit from it fast cooling and stabilization of the package.
By means of the control panel there is the management and control control over parameters of technology process.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 550 kg
Profile: 3550х1120х1850 mm
Productivity: 4 уп/мин package/min
Information is up-to-date: 27.06.2019
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