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Packing machine of UMT-600A-06KHP
  • Packing machine of UMT-600A-06KHP

Packing machine of UMT-600A-06KHP

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The automatic thermoshrinkable car for formation of group packing of loose products in paper packages of a steady bottom in blocks piece format 2 * 2, 2 * 3 (flour, salt, grain, sugar, etc. ).


The principle of work of UMT - 600A - 06KHP is based on property of a thermoshrinkable film to decrease in sizes under the influence of temperature.

All mechanisms of the UMT - 600A - 06KHP car the controller according to the program which is written down in it operates.

The packed production moves on the giving conveyor and is formed in a package automatically. The divider of a stream distributes production on two rows, at the same time the accounts sensor counts necessary quantity of products in the same row. After the block is created - the mechanism of a stopper clears the way of the block to the pusher mechanism. After passing of the block to a pusher area of coverage the stopper "is closed".

From the package store production by means of a pusher gets to an electroknife area of coverage, at the same time there is a reversing production block film on perimeter. Then there is a svarivaniye and cutting of a film an electroknife. The electroknife is set in motion automatically.

Due to advance of the next block of production there is a pushing out of the package wrapped by a film on the conveyor, unwind of a new portion of a film is at the same time automatically carried out.

By means of the mesh conveyor the block of production gets to the thermotunnel. Here under the influence of temperature there is a shrinkage of a film.

At the exit comes from a heat chamber having blown in the fan of a ready package of production for acceleration of cooling and stabilization of a package. Then the ready package descends on live rolls or the taking - away conveyor.

The accumulative conveyor of the UMT - 600A - 06KHP car can work in two modes: "with a stop" or "with delay of speed".

At an operating mode "with a stop" the conveyor accumulative stops on operating time of the mechanism of a pusher.


At an operating mode "delay of speed" the conveyor accumulative reduces speed on operating time of the mechanism of a pusher that allows to increase productivity.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 1000 kg
Profile: 4250х5580х2050 mm
Information is up-to-date: 27.06.2019
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